作者:Melany Grant
来源:[B].Education in a Competitive and Globalizing World2020Nova科学出版社
摘要:Inclusive Education: Perspectives, Practices and Challenges first aims to explore the challenges related to inclusion encountered by teachers, children and parents involved in a language-learning project in Switzerland. This study also highlights the importance of including paren...
作者:Robert Kerr
来源:[B].Political Science and History2020Nova科学出版社
摘要:A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels by Robert Kerr is an 18 volume set that contains the complete history of the origin and progress of navigation, discovery, and commerce, by sea and land. In determining upon an era for the commencement of this work, Kerr was...
作者:Eve A. Milne
来源:[B].Materials Science and Technologies2020Nova科学出版社
摘要:Layer-by-layer self-assembly is the most widely used strategy for the production of functional surfaces with tailored structures and chemical, biological, optical and electrical properties. Layer-by-layer approaches allow for the loading of bioactive molecules for tissue sca...
作者:Cam Caldwell
来源:[B].Research Advances in Communication Studies2020Nova科学出版社
摘要:Leadership effectiveness, gratifying interpersonal relationships, and richer self-fulfillment are all a result of communicating effectively, understanding ourselves and others, and affirming our values in a manner than conveys who we are and what matters most to us. Although...
作者:Jesse Henry
来源:[B].Cell Biology Research Progress2020Nova科学出版社
摘要:Tight Junctions: Classification, Structure and Functions compiles current knowledge sourced from pre-clinical and clinical research and discusses, in detail, the role of tight junctions in different chronic liver diseases.The molecular structure of tight junction transmembrane pr...
作者:Roisin Cahalan
来源:[B].Sports and Athletics Preparation, Performance, and Psychology2020Nova科学出版社
摘要:Irish dancing has emerged as a leading genre among the pantheon of world dance forms. Few traditional art forms have resonated so deeply with the international community, resulting in the establishment of thousands of Irish dancing schools across the globe. Irish dancing is ...
作者:Robert Irving Desourdis
来源:[B].Homeland Security and Safety2020Nova科学出版社
摘要:Edwin Cole Bearss, born in 1923, is an American World War II wounded warrior of the Greatest Generation. As a U.S. Marine, he was shot four times by the Japanese in the South Pacific, but despite his wounds rose to become a giant among American historians as Chief Historian ...
作者:Ramesh Chandra Tiwari
来源:[B].Earth Sciences in the 21st Century2020Nova科学出版社
摘要:In the recent past, studies on radon and their progenies have drawn a lot of attention from the scientific community and researchers, due to their crucial role as a possible cause of cancer, monitoring radiation levels of nuclear installations and as a potential precursor pa...
作者:Vanya Matanova
来源:[B].Mental Illnesses and Treatments2020Nova科学出版社
摘要:What is the influence of psychotherapy over the brain functioning? Is it possible for us to determine in which type of psychotherapy the most significant changes in the brain functioning are observed? If the influence of psychotherapy over the brain is a fact, does this fundament...
作者:Bruno Oliveira de Veras
来源:[B].New Developments in Medical Research2020Nova科学出版社
摘要:Instead of relying on prescription medications with numerous dangerous side effects, what if you could opt for a safer, natural alternative to address your health concerns? Medicinal plants for therapeutic purposes have been used for many years. The antimicrobial activity of esse...


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