Emerald Book
作者:Anne Woodsworth , W. David Penniman
来源:[B].Advances in Librarianship2012
摘要:Assessment and evaluation have become increasingly important in the nonprofit sector. Although initially used mostly in educational contexts to measure student learning, the strategy has migrated to other contexts such as measuring overall organizational and institutional success...
作者:Matthew Birnbaum , Kim Okahara , Mallory Warner
来源:[B].Advances in Librarianship2012
摘要:This chapter examines the challenges of developing and implementing a new national evaluation approach in a complex library funding program. The approach shifts a prior outcome-based evaluation legacy using logic models to one relying on nonlinear logic mapping. The new approach ...
作者:Amanda R. Latreille , Mary Ann Stiefvater , Mary Linda Todd
来源:[B].Advances in Librarianship2012
摘要:The chapter describes the Outcome-Based Evaluation (OBE) Initiative of the New York State Library (NYSL) from its start in 2003. Through extensive training, online support, and integration into statewide processes and grant projects, the initiative has brought OBE to New York Sta...
作者:Virginia A. Walter
来源:[B].Advances in Librarianship2012
摘要:This chapter documents the evolution of the application of evaluation methods to public library services for children and teens in the United States. It describes the development of age-specific output measures and the subsequent requirement by funding agencies for outcome evalua...
作者:Carolyn Gutierrez , Jianrong Wang
来源:[B].Advances in Librarianship2012
摘要:This case study demonstrates the positive changes that evolved from a series of assessment activities. It shows that even smaller libraries can conduct assessment, with the support of colleagues and the library administration. Librarians can take a proactive role rather than...
作者:Ricardo R. Andrade , Christine E. Kollen
来源:[B].Advances in Librarianship2012
摘要:As any library strives to improve services and make them increasingly relevant, planning for change has become routine. During 2011, the University of Arizona's Libraries undertook extensive assessments in order to develop and improve services in support of research and grant ser...
作者:Rachel Wexelbaum , Mark A. Kille
来源:[B].Advances in Librarianship2012
摘要:This chapter examines how selected accrediting bodies and academic librarians define collection strength and its relationship to student achievement. Standards adopted by accreditation bodies and library associations, such as the Association of Research Libraries, are review...
作者:Rachel Applegate , Marilyn M. Irwin
来源:[B].Advances in Librarianship2012
摘要:Accreditation agencies both institutional and professional (such as the American Library Association) have asked educators to demonstrate student learning outcomes for every academic program that they are assessing, and that they use the data gathered for continuous improvem...
作者:Gail M. Munde
来源:[B].Advances in Librarianship2012
摘要:This chapter compares faculty self-assessment of teaching with student opinion of instruction in an online environment, in order to determine the level of agreement between faculty self-assessment and student assessment, in areas of overall program strength and directions fo...


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