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作者:Bartolacci, Michael
来源:[B].IGI Global2012
摘要:Research, Practice, and Educational Advancements in Telecommunications and Networking offers multidisciplinary perspectives on architectures and systems for effective, efficient communication across different types of infrastructures, which include online and wireless networks. C...
作者:Saeed, Rashid A.
来源:[B].IGI Global2012
摘要:Femtocell Communications and Technologies: Business Opportunities and Deployment Challenges is an extensive and thoroughly revised version of a collection of review and research based chapters on femtocell technology. This work focuses on mobility and security in femtocell, cogni...
作者:Muntean, Gabriel-Miro
来源:[B].IGI Global2012
摘要:Wireless Multi-Access Environments and Quality of Service Provisioning: Solutions and Application serves as a vital resource for practitioners to learn about the latest research and methodology within the field of wireless technology. This book covers important aspects of emergin...
作者:Vaquero, Luis M.
来源:[B].IGI Global2012
摘要:Open Source Cloud Computing Systems: Practices and Paradigms bridges the gap between solutions and users' needs. The book presents the most relevant open source cloud technologies available today using a practical perspective. It offers a practical compendium of cloud technologie...
作者:Delener, N.
来源:[B].IGI Global2012
摘要:Service Science Research, Strategy and Innovation: Dynamic Knowledge Management Methods explores areas such as strategy development, service contracts, human capital management, leadership, management, marketing, e-government, and e-commerce. As this reference includes real world...
作者:Wang, John
来源:[B].IGI Global2012
摘要:Advancing the Service Sector with Evolving Technologies: Techniques and Principles provides a forum for practitioners and researchers to discuss the application of information systems to service creation, modeling, and evolution. Covering foundational concepts and innovations in ...
作者:Kosar, Tevfik
来源:[B].IGI Global2012
摘要:Data Intensive Distributed Computing: Challenges and Solutions for Large-scale Information Management focuses on the challenges of distributed systems imposed by data intensive applications and on the different state-of-the-art solutions proposed to overcome such challenges. Prov...
作者:Gu, Ning
来源:[B].IGI Global2012
摘要:Computational Design Methods and Technologies: Applications in CAD, CAM and CAE Education explores state-of-the-art developments in computational design methods and their impact on contemporary design education. Readers will find case studies, empirical research findings, pedagog...
作者:Zaman, Noor
来源:[B].IGI Global2012
摘要:Wireless Sensor Networks and Energy Efficiency: Protocols, Routing and Management focuses on wireless sensor networks and their operation, covering topics including routing, energy efficiency and management. Containing 27 chapters authored by a group of internationally experience...
作者:Meier, Andreas
来源:[B].IGI Global2012
摘要:Fuzzy Methods for Customer Relationship Management and Marketing: Applications and Classifications explores the possibilities and advantages created by fuzzy methods through the presentation of thorough research and case studies. This book covers a variety of possible fuzzy logic...


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