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作者:Manoharan, Aroon
来源:[B].IGI Global2012IGI Global
摘要:Active Citizen Participation in E-Government: A Global Perspective focuses on the issues and challenges involving adoption and implementation of online civic engagement initiatives globally and will serve as a valuable guide to governments in their efforts to enable active citize...
作者:Davim, J. Paulo
来源:[B].IGI Global2012IGI Global
摘要:Computational Methods for Optimizing Manufacturing Technology: Models and Techniques contains the latest research developments in manufacturing technology and its optimization, and demonstrates the fundamentals of new computational approaches and the range of their potential appl...
作者:Jennex, Murray
来源:[B].IGI Global2012IGI Global
摘要:Managing Crises and Disasters with Emerging Technologies: Advancements offers the most vital, up-to-date research within the field of disaster management technologies. Since the first disaster information network was set up nearly fifteen years ago, information technologies have ...
作者:Barker, Bradley S.
来源:[B].IGI Global2012IGI Global
摘要:Robots in K-12 Education: A New Technology for Learning explores the theory and practice of educational robotics in the K-12 formal and informal educational settings, providing empirical research supporting the use of robotics for STEM learning. An essential resource for STEM edu...
作者:Al-Bahadili, Hussein
来源:[B].IGI Global2012IGI Global
摘要:Simulation in Computer Network Design and Modeling: Use and Analysis reviews methodologies in computer network simulation and modeling, illustrates the benefits of simulation in computer networks design, modeling, and analysis, and identifies the main issues that face efficient a...
作者:Suzuki, Kenji
来源:[B].IGI Global2012IGI Global
摘要:Machine Learning in Computer-Aided Diagnosis: Medical Imaging Intelligence and Analysis provides a comprehensive overview of machine learning research and technology in medical decision-making based on medical images. This book covers major technical advancements and research fin...
作者:Tavana, Madjid
来源:[B].IGI Global2012IGI Global
摘要:Enterprise Information Systems and Advancing Business Solutions: Emerging Models is to provide comprehensive coverage and understanding of various enterprise information systems (EIS) such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and electronic commerce (EC) and their implications o...
作者:Varajão, João Eduardo Quintela Alves de Sousa
来源:[B].IGI Global2012IGI Global
摘要:Organizational Integration of Enterprise Systems and Resources: Advancements and Applications show that EIS are at the same time responsible for tremendous gains in some companies and tremendous losses in others. Therefore, their adoption should be carefully planned and managed. ...
作者:Chiu, Dickson K. W.
来源:[B].IGI Global2012IGI Global
摘要:Theoretical and Analytical Service-Focused Systems Design and Development provides solutions to these challenges. It advances the practice and understanding of contemporary theories and empirical analysis for systems engineering in a way that achieves service excellence.
作者:Thomas, Michael
来源:[B].IGI Global2012IGI Global
摘要:Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Virtual Learning Environments highlights invaluable research covering the design, development, and evaluation of online learning environments. An essential resource for academics, professionals, corporate trainers and policy makers, this ...


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