作者:Arellano-Perusquía Abraham, Bañuelos-Hernández Bernardo, Urquieta-Ramírez Luz, Albarrán-Tamayo Froylán, Aguilar-Ruiz Carlos Agustín, González-Márquez Marco Antonio, Junquera-Martínez Sergio and Cruz-Hernández Andrés
来源:[B].Endemic Species2019IntechOpen
摘要:Mexico is considered one of the twelve megadiverse countries, and they together harbor 60–70% of the biodiversity from the planet. Mexico with Brazil, Colombia, and Indonesia occupied the principal positions. In Mexico, there are almost 50,000 plant species recognized now. S...
作者:Maria-Gabriella Baldarelli
来源:[B].Accounting and Finance - New Perspectives on Banking, Financial Statements and Reporting2019IntechOpen
摘要:The objective of the chapter is to analyse the impact that CSR (corporate social responsibility) training had on non-financial information that is contained in financial statements following the EU directive 2014/95/EU and the Italian law: 254/2016. Literature review is based on ...
作者:Jian Zhang, Fengjiu Zhang, Xiaodong Kang and Baozhen Li
来源:[B].Enhanced Oil Recovery Processes - New Technologies2019IntechOpen
摘要:At present, polymer flooding as the most effective chemical EOR technique is widely used in onshore oil fields in the world. Also, it has been successfully applied in China offshore oil fields as a major EOR technology. CNOOC has preliminarily established a chemical flooding (pol...
作者:Mahmoud Elsisi
来源:[B].Energy Storage Devices2019IntechOpen
摘要:The fast acting due to the salient features of energy storage systems leads to using of it in the control applications in power system. The energy storage systems such as superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES), capacitive energy storage (CES), and the battery of plug-in h...
作者:Samuel O. Sojinu and Onome Ejeromedoghene
来源:[B].Processing of Heavy Crude Oils - Challenges and Opportunities2019IntechOpen
摘要:The petroleum industry is one of the largest industries in the world and plays a pivotal part in driving a nation’s economy. However, the exploration and exploitation of heavy crude oil have raised series of environmental challenges and caused increased concern for the commu...
作者:Cherie Ann Kruger and Heidi Abrahamse
来源:[B].Multidisciplinary Approach for Colorectal Cancer2019IntechOpen
摘要:Photodynamic therapy (PDT) can be used to treat colorectal cancer (CRC). When a photosensitizer (PS) drug is administered to a patient, it can either passively or actively accumulate within a tumor site and once exposed to a specific wavelength of light, it is excited to produce ...
作者:Hani Abdelghani Mansour, Ren Hongjouan, Hu Jiandong, Bao Hong Feng and Liang Changmei
来源:[B].Irrigation - Water Productivity and Operation, Sustainability and Climate Change2019IntechOpen
摘要:Desalination is the process that is performed to remove excess salts from water to become potable or agriculture. This applied science is now concerned by many countries suffering from water shortage. Over the next ten years, this science is expected to grow significantly due to ...
作者:Jan Broda
来源:[B].Environmental Chemistry and Recent Pollution Control Approaches2019IntechOpen
摘要:Wool geotextiles were formed from the meandrically arranged thick ropes and used as erosion control products. The geotextiles were installed in the experimental sites to protect the endangered slopes and the bank of ditches. Additionally, as a reinforcement of the soil, loose woo...


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