作者:Robert Damelio
来源:[B].CRC Press2022
摘要:This second edition of a bestseller supplies provides selected tools to help strengthen critical skills and accomplish key steps throughout the benchmarking process. The first part of provides a guide to the language of benchmarking and answers commonly asked questions. The secon...
作者:H. James Harrington , Thomas H. Carmody
来源:[B].The Little Big Book Series2022
摘要:This book defines how 21st century technologies are changing the way companies interface with customers as well as discuss customer trend tools and the identification of future markets and new demand. It examines customer alignment tools and derivative models, customer engagement...
作者:H. James Harrington , Shane P. Rogers
来源:[B].The Little Big Book Series2022
摘要:This book combines the knowledge, skills, and risks taken by a young entrepreneur with those acquired by a senior entrepreneur. Dr. Harrington is well-known for his work with many organizations around the world at refining and improving their manufacturing and business processes,...
作者:Jay Magidson , Jeroen W. Vermunt
来源:[B].Chapman & Hall/CRC Statistics in the Social and Behavioral Sciences2022
摘要:This book provides an integrated, detailed introduction to various kinds of latent class (LC) models and their applications. It highlights the importance of LC modeling to identify meaningful segments, such as market segments and disease typologies. It also presents the unde...
作者:Eric V. Slud
来源:[B].CRC Press2022
摘要:This text covers life tables, survival models, and life insurance premiums and reserves. It presents the actuarial material conceptually with reference to ideas from other mathematical studies, allowing readers with knowledge in calculus to explore business, actuarial science, ec...
作者:Thomas Bosch , Michael G. Hadfield
来源:[B].Evolutionary Cell Biology2022
摘要:This book examines how the growing knowledge of the huge range of animal- or plant- bacterial interactions, whether in shared ecosystems or intimate symbioses, is fundamentally altering our understanding of biology. The establishment and maintenance of these symbioses and their c...
作者:Tadhg Kelly
来源:[B].CRC Press2022
摘要:This is a practical book that teaches a format (not a formula) for designing games. Its focus is on making the designer understand who her audience is, what the requirements of the team that she works with are, and why clarity saves so much time and money in the long run. It teac...
作者:Jochen Bundschuh
来源:[B].Sustainable Energy Developments2021
摘要:This book describes the geothermal potentials of some hydrocarbon reservoirs. It explains the design differences of hydrocarbon and geothermal wells and the different stimulation methods used in hydrocarbon and geothermal exploitation. The methods of heat extraction and electric ...
作者:Gregory William MacDougall
来源:[B].CRC Press2021
摘要:This book adds new material to the Cogent Power ‘road to sustainable lean story’ with a singular focus and company perspective that chronicles the valuable lessons learned in the evolution of its Burlington, Ontario, Canada facility, today a sought after benchmark leader in ...
作者:Frank Garvan
来源:[B].CRC Press2021
摘要:The second edition of this popular text on Maple™ programming has been updated to reflect Maple version 15. Suitable for new and advanced users, the guide covers the latest features of Maple and offers a tutorial that extends from high school algebra and graphing to advanced...


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