Ariadna Ediciones
作者:Ximena Urtubia
来源:[B].Ariadna Ediciones2016
摘要:History of the Communist Party of Chile in the early decades of the twentieth century, its changes and transformations
作者:Esteban Valenzuela y Natacha Moreno
来源:[B].Ariadna Ediciones2016
摘要:Sources and documents from different parts of the world where indínenas rights are recognized and ethnic populations
作者:Cintia Frencia y Daniel Gaido
来源:[B].Ariadna Ediciones2016
摘要:History of women's organization within the international socialist movement of the late twentieth century and early twentieth century
作者:Manuel Loyola
来源:[B].Ariadna Ediciones2016
摘要:The draft good Catholic press in the Archdiocese of Santiago (Chile), in the early 20th century
作者:Hernán Camarero , Manuel Loyola
来源:[B].Ariadna Ediciones2016
摘要:Cultural forms and practices in the workers' political organizations of Southern Cone countries during the first half of the 20th century
作者:Ada C. Machado da Silveira C. Machado da Silveira
来源:[B].Ariadna Ediciones2016
摘要:The new information and communications technology in Latin America, its impact on information management and education
作者:Ximena Cruzat , Eduardo Devés
来源:[B].Ariadna Ediciones2015
摘要:Complete compilation of the written press Chilean labor leader L E Recabarren
作者:Lazar Jeifets , Víctor Jeifets
来源:[B].Ariadna Ediciones2015
摘要:Political dictionary of the hundreds of characters and leaders of the Communist International in Latin America
作者:Maurizio Ferraris
来源:[B].Ariadna Ediciones2012
摘要:Critique of postmodernism, considering a renewal of contemporary thought
作者:Germán Albuquerque
来源:[B].Ariadna Ediciones2011
摘要:Situation of Latin American intelligentsia during the decades of the Cold War; its forms of action, their organizations and political influence


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