作者:Н. Н. Крадин
来源:[B].Stratum Library2019
摘要:The urbanization processes on the Inner Asia during periods of the nomadic empires were studied. Xiongnu had rural settlements and towns, populated mostly by farmers. The Uighur Khaganate had a few fortresses and one imperial trading mega-city. The Liao Empire opened a new s...
作者:Л. Ф. Недашковский
来源:[B].Stratum Library2019
摘要:Archaeological materials (remains of burials, metal, glass and stone wares) of the Uvek site of the Golden Horde time by preserved archival materials are published and briefly characterized in this article. The Uvek hillfort is the largest settlement of the northern part of ...
作者:М. В. Квитницкий , Н. П. Тельнов , С. Д. Лысенко ...
来源:[B].Stratum Library2019
摘要:In 2018, the Dniester archaeological expedition of the Pridnestrovian State University studied a group of nomadic burials of the Golden Horde time near Glinoe village, Slobodzeya district, on the left bank of the Lower Dniester. One complex stands out, from which the finds o...
作者:С. А. Фидельский , М. М. Чореф
来源:[B].Stratum Library2019
摘要:Metal mirrors of the Golden Horde time were massive material and were widely distributed as items of everyday life and cult. Bronze wares with Arabic well-wishing inscription using Naskh script of handwriting deserve specific attention among the many types of mirrors. They were m...
作者:А. В. Кривенко , М. Н. Бутырский
来源:[B].Stratum Library2019
摘要:It is the publication of coins of the Latin Empire and Byzantium (during the rule of the Palaeologus) found in the territory between the Prut and the Dniester. There are 30 billon and copper coins, most of which date back to the reign of the Byzantine emperors Andronicus II ...
作者:Й. Валериев
来源:[B].Stratum Library2019
摘要:The article presents the so called late nomadic pendent amulets from the territories on the Lower Danube. They were cast from different metal alloys. The article is supplied by a catalogue of pendants from Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova and a table with metallographic study o...
作者:М. В. Ельников
来源:[B].Stratum Library2019
摘要:The Konskie Vody hillfort, located on the “northern section” of the Crimean Ulus, was identified on the basis of the data from the “Kniga Bolshomu Chertezhu” (“Book of Great Sketch”). Written sources and cartographic material of the 17th — early 20th centuries allo...
作者:С. В. Белецкий
来源:[B].Stratum Library2019
摘要:Another Old Russian sealing mark was found in 2019. On its obverse, there is an image of a bident, and a two-line inscription СВѦ on its reverse, carved in the stamping mold, without allowing for the print. The token on this sealing mark belongs to an earlier unknown type. I...
作者:О. М. Луговой
来源:[B].Stratum Library2019
摘要:The exchange of embassies before the election of Grigorij Tsanblak as Kievan Metropolitan caused the meeting of Władysław II Jagiełło and Byzantine embassy in Sniatyn in May 1415. This meeting recorded by Jan Długosz is marked by the mentioning of wheat delivery from th...


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