作者:Christophe Hillion
来源:[B].Hart Publishing Ltd.2016
摘要:Christophe Hillion is Professor of European law at the University of Leiden, Guest Professor at the University of Stockholm, and Senior Researcher at the Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies.
作者:Jeff Kenner
来源:[B].Hart Publishing Ltd.2015
摘要:Jeff Kenner is Professor of European Law at the University of Nottingham.
作者:Claire McIvor
来源:[B].Hart Publishing Ltd.2015
摘要:Claire McIvor is a Senior Lecturer in Law at University of Birmingham.
作者:Dennis Davis , Cheryl Saunders , Alan Richter
来源:[B].Hart Publishing Ltd.2015
摘要:Dennis Davis is currently a Judge of the High Court of South Africa and Judge President of the Competition Appeal Court. Before his appointment to the Bench he held professorial appointments at both the University of Cape Town and University of the Witwatersrand, where he was als...
作者:Christof Augenstein , Sabine Agé , Alex Wilson
来源:[B].Hart Publishing Ltd.2015
摘要:This commentary is focussed on the procedure of the Unitary Patent Court covering infringement and defences, proceedings, provisions, powers of the court, appeals, decisions and implementation and operation of agreements.
作者:David Sherborne , Mark Thomson , Hugh Tomlinson
来源:[B].Hart Publishing Ltd.2015
摘要:David Sherborne is a Barrister at 5 Raymond Buildings, specialising in media, human rights and public law matters. Mark Thomson is a Partner in the solicitors' firm Akins Thomson , where he specialises in privacy and libel matters.Hugh Tomlinson QC is a Barrister at Matrix Chambe...
作者:Janet O'Sullivan , Jonathan Morgan , Stelios Tofaris ...
来源:[B].Hart Publishing Ltd.2015
摘要:This is the seventh edition of the classic casebook on Tort. Taking a broadly contextual approach the book addresses all the main topics in tort law, is up-to-date, doctrinally sound, stimulating and highly readable.
作者:Qing Zhang
来源:[B].Hart Publishing Ltd.2015
摘要:Although business people often regard licensing requirements as a major obstacle to investment and new ventures, the development of a well-designed regulatory licensing system is also widely believed to promote social welfare. The book explores existing regulatory licensing syste...
作者:Joe Hermer
来源:[B].Hart Publishing Ltd.2015
摘要:In this book,criminologist Joe Hermer examines how begging regulation - underpinned by the social character of charity, contract, money and work - plays a central role in organising how we feel responsible for one another in late capitalist society.
作者:Robin Jacob
来源:[B].Hart Publishing Ltd.2015
摘要:The Rt Hon. Professor Sir Robin Jacob is the Sir Hugh Laddie Professor of Intellectual Property Law at University College London and a door tenant at 8 New Square Chambers.


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