作者:M. Shahzad Ashraf , Khuram Ali Khan , Ammara Nosheen
来源:[J].International Journal of Analysis and Applications, 2019, Vol.17 (2), pp.244-259
摘要:The paper consists of some extensions in Hardy and Copson type inequalities on time scales. The main results are proved by using induction principle, Rules to find derivatives for composition of two functions, H¨older’s inequality and Fubini’s theorem in time scales set...
作者:Aqeel Ahmad , Nouman Javeed , Muhammad Farman ...
来源:[J].International Journal of Analysis and Applications, 2019, Vol.17 (2), pp.260-274
摘要:In this Paper, we proposed a fractional order SVIR epidemic model is incorporated to investigate its dynamical behavior in random environments. S, V, I, R are known as variables and these variables represent the number of susceptible, vaccinated, infected and recovered cells...
作者:Rabha W. Ibrahim , Maslina Darus
来源:[J].International Journal of Analysis and Applications, 2019, Vol.17 (2), pp.234-243
摘要:In this effort, we aim to generalize the concept of Univex functions by utilizing a local fractional differential-difference operator, based on different types of local fractional calculus (fractal calculus). This study leads to a new class of these functions in some optimal prob...
作者:Thanh-Tuyen Tran
来源:[J].International Journal of Analysis and Applications, 2019, Vol.17 (2), pp.282-302
摘要:Export contributes to a large extent to economic growth of an island-type economylikeTaiwan. The scientific forecasting on the total value of imports and exports of top traded commodities in Taiwan are needed as the essential inputs to determine whether new top traded commodities...
作者:Haitham Qawaqneh , Mohd Salmi Noorani , Wasfi Shatanawi ...
来源:[J].International Journal of Analysis and Applications, 2019, Vol.17 (2), pp.208-225
摘要:In this paper, we introduce the notion of generalized C−class functions for Geraghty contraction type mappings on a set X. We utilize our new notion to prove fixed point results in the setting of triangular weak α−admissible mappings with respect to η in Partial b-Metri...
作者:Shehu Maitama , Weidong Zhao
来源:[J].International Journal of Analysis and Applications, 2019, Vol.17 (2), pp.167-190
摘要:In this paper, we introduce a Laplace-type integral transform called the Shehu transform which is a generalization of the Laplace and the Sumudu integral transforms for solving differential equations in the time domain. The proposed integral transform is successfully derived from...
作者:Ndolane Sene
来源:[J].International Journal of Analysis and Applications, 2019, Vol.17 (2), pp.191-207
摘要:The analytical solutions of the fractional diffusion equations in one and two-dimensional spaces have been proposed. The analytical solution of the Cattaneo-Hristov diffusion model with the particular boundary conditions has been suggested. In general, the numerical methods have ...
作者:Ao-Lei Sima , Fei He , Ning Lu
来源:[J].International Journal of Analysis and Applications, 2019, Vol.17 (2), pp.275-281
摘要:In this article, we proved a fixed point theorem of Ćirić-Pata type in metric space. This result extends several results in the existing literature. Moreover, an example is given in the support of our result. In particular, the main result provides a complete solution to an ...
作者:B. P. Padhy , P. Tripathy , B. B. Mishra
来源:[J].International Journal of Analysis and Applications, 2019, Vol.17 (2), pp.226-233
摘要:In the present article, we have established a result on generalized indexed absolute Norlund summability factor by generalizing results of Mishra and Srivastava on indexed absolute Cesaro summabilty factors and Padhy on the absolute indexed Norlund summability.
作者:D. Jabari Sabeg , R. Ezzati , K. Maleknejad
来源:[J].International Journal of Analysis and Applications, 2019, Vol.17 (2), pp.303-310
摘要:In this paper, least squares approximation method is developed for solving a class of linear fractional integro-differential equations comprising Volterra and Fredhlom cases. This method is based on a polynomial of degree n to compute an approximate solution of these equations. T...


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