作者:Yuan Tian , Karin Larsson
来源:[J].Journal of Material Sciences & Engineering, 2019, Vol.8 (1), pp.1-10OMICS集团公司
摘要:The main goal with the present work has been to study the possibility and thermodynamic stability for a sequential termination with either carboxylic groups (COOH), or amino groups (NH2), from an initially H-terminated diamond (111) or 100)-2x1 surface. It was shown that it is en...
作者:Francesca Rosati , Enrico Gasparrini , Maria Teresa Gaetti
来源:[J].Clinics in Mother and Child Health, 2019, Vol.16 (3), pp.1-5OMICS集团公司
摘要:It is a work that explores the world that is created in a family, for the mother in particular, when, instead of theexpected natural childbirth, the preterm birth of a child takes place. An event that is often experienced asdisappointing and dramatic. This maternal experience, in...
作者:Uenobe Maya , Saika Toshiyuki , Nishiyama Naoki ...
来源:[J].Rice Research: Open Access, 2019, Vol.7 (1), pp.1-7OMICS集团公司
摘要:Dewaxed brown rice (DBR), which was prepared by excluding only the wax layer existing in the outermost layer of brown rice using the new rice milling technique, has improved water absorbency, digestibility, and taste than regular brown rice. DBR has a nutritional value close...


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