来源:[J].Archives of Disease in Childhood(IF 3.051), 2020, Vol.105 (6)
摘要:How many times have you prescribed migraine prophylaxis for a child with migraine? How good is the evidence that any of the drugs work? Anecdotally, Archivist has felt that there have been some useful medications out there. In a revealing systematic review, Locher Cet al. [J...
作者:Sophie Flavell , Sophie Forsyth , Dawn Wilkinson
来源:[J].Sexually Transmitted Infections(IF 2.611), 2020, Vol.96 (4)
摘要:Over the last decade, we have seen young people living in an increasingly sexualised society. There has been a growing recognition of behaviours that identify a young person at risk of child sexual abuse (CSA) or exploitation (CSE), emerging evidence indicating that sexually tran...
作者:Nick Brown
来源:[J].Archives of Disease in Childhood(IF 3.051), 2020, Vol.105 (6)
摘要:To date, children have appeared less susceptible to the acute dysregulated inflammatory response that has claimed the lives of so many of their parents and grandparents, but reports of a novel Kawasaki like illness might require some modifications to this generalisation. Eit...
作者:Bob Phillips
来源:[J].Archives of Disease in Childhood(IF 3.051), 2020, Vol.105 (6)
摘要:A traditional approach to assuring oneself of the quality of a journal article was to look at the reputation of the journal (via the impact factor, perhaps) and an assurance of peer review. The process of peer review may be poorly understood and shrouded with a cloak of myst...
作者:Joseph D Tucker , Kristine Shields , Giovanni Villa
来源:[J].Sexually Transmitted Infections(IF 2.611), 2020, Vol.96 (4)
摘要:Do people turn to internet groups for help with their own sexual health problems? An empirical analysis of the online website Reddit examined how often people ask the online community for diagnostic help related to STIs. The study examined a random sample of 500 social media post...
来源:[J].Archives of Disease in Childhood(IF 3.051), 2020, Vol.105 (6)
摘要:Does the month of birth influence whether a child is likely to develop asthma? Lucina has often wondered if you are born in the summer, you are more likely to be exposed to the winter viruses as an infant and does this contribute to the likelihood of developing asthma? Goldb...
来源:[J].Archives of Disease in Childhood(IF 3.051), 2020, Vol.105 (6)
摘要:When faced with an infant between the ages of 29 and 60 days presenting with a fever, there are various prediction rules or risk assessment tools that can be used to identify those at low risk of serious bacterial infection (SBI). The Boston and Philadelphia criteria were de...
作者:Laure F Pittet , Nigel Curtis
来源:[J].Archives of Disease in Childhood(IF 3.051), 2020, Vol.105 (6)
摘要:A healthy 8-year-old boy presents with recurrent staphylococcal skin infections, frequently requiring surgical drainage. Decolonisation of the patient and whole family with nasal mupirocin and chlorhexidine washes has been suggested. His parents ask how effective this or other in...
作者:The Triumvirate
来源:[J].Thorax(IF 8.376), 2020, Vol.75 (6)
摘要:In the 2002 film ‘Adaptation’ Nicholas Cage plays a Hollywood writer, struggling to produce a screenplay for a deadline. He invents a fictional brother – two writers one film. As the Triumvirate struggle with the deadline for Airwaves, COVID-19 continues to dominate cli...
作者:Karim M Khan
来源:[J].British Journal of Sports Medicine(IF 3.668), 2020, Vol.54 (11)
摘要:BJSM editors accept an equal number of original data papers and systematic reviews per year. In this issue, we highlight six high-quality reviews and we thank Dr Clare Ardern, now the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy (JOSPT, @JOSPT) for he...


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