来源:[J].British Journal of Sports Medicine(IF 3.668), 2020, Vol.54 (5)BMJ
摘要:Davenport MH, Nagpal TS, Mottola M, et al. Prenatal exercise (including but not limited to pelvic floor muscle training) and urinary incontinence during and following pregnancy: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Br J Sports Med 2018;52:1397-1404. doi:10.1136/bjsports-2018-09...
作者:Blair Jarratt
来源:[J].British Journal of Sports Medicine(IF 3.668), 2020, Vol.54 (5)BMJ
摘要:For the field of sports medicine, 2019 will stand in the history of New Zealand (NZ) physiotherapy. When the NZ Board of Physiotherapy first released the areas of specialisation, the category ‘sports’ was left off the list. Some argued that sports should sit under the muscul...
作者:Claire Dewsnap , Ulrike Sauer , Ceri Evans
来源:[J].Sexually Transmitted Infections(IF 2.611), 2020, Vol.96 (2)BMJ
摘要:The annual joint meeting brings together the BASHH and the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health (FSRH) at the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) in central London. It takes place amid the winter sales on Oxford Street and attracts 300 delegates and a waiting list every yea...
作者:Danielle Salmon , John Sullivan , Janelle Romanchuk ...
来源:[J].British Journal of Sports Medicine(IF 3.668), 2020, Vol.54 (5)BMJ
摘要:Rugby union (rugby) is a popular full-contact team sport played by 8.5 million individuals in 121 countries across the globe ( In New Zealand (NZ), rugby is played by 157 218 individuals and engages all genders, ethnicities...
作者:Dana Loomis
来源:[J].Occupational and Environmental Medicine(IF 3.215), 2020, Vol.77 (3)BMJ
摘要:When the global burden of disease (GBD) methodology was introduced some 30 years ago, it represented a significant step toward providing systematic, comparable disease surveillance data on a worldwide scale. Since that time, the GBD approach has led to valuable insights about the...
作者:Alastair James Moss , Andrew Jordan , John-Paul Carpenter
来源:[J].Heart(IF 5.014), 2020, Vol.106 (5)BMJ
摘要:A 71-year-old man attended the emergency department with an episode of transient loss of consciousness. He had collapsed while standing from a sitting position soon after a hot bath. There was no antecedent chest pain; however, following this episode, he reported new onset exerti...
作者:Catherine M Otto
来源:[J].Heart(IF 5.014), 2020, Vol.106 (5)BMJ
摘要:Machine learning offers the opportunity to gain new insights into clinical cardiovascular disease as shown in the paper in this issue of Heart on novel patient phenogroups in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF).1 Model-based clustering was performed based ...


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