作者:Nicolas Nercam
来源:[J].Open Library of Humanities, 2020, Vol.6 (1)Ubiquity Press
摘要:The Calcutta Group, founded in 1943, was the first Indian artistic movement, long before the creation of the Bombay Progressive Artist’s Group in 1947, which aspired to be a part of the International Modernity’s movements. Close to the intellectuals of the Bengal Progressive...
作者:Cormac Walsh
来源:[J].Rural Landscapes: Society, Environment, History, 2020, Vol.7 (1)Ubiquity Press
摘要:Whereas the transgression of nature-culture dichotomies is commonplace in academic discourse, contemporary practices of nature conservation continue, in many cases, to be characterised by the active construction of fixed boundaries between spaces of nature and spaces of culture. ...
作者:Editorial Team
来源:[J].Psychologica Belgica, 2020, Vol.60 (1), pp.33-34Ubiquity Press
摘要:All manuscripts published in Psychologica Belgica have been assessed conscientiously and unselfishly by expert reviewers. The quality of our journal totally depends on their valuable and constructive criticisms to the authors. Both the editors and the authors highly appreciate th...
作者:Kate Boyer
来源:[J].Studies in the Maternal, 2020, Vol.12 (1)Ubiquity Press
摘要:Refiguring the Postmaternal: Feminist Responses to the Forgetting of Motherhood by Maria Fannin and Maud Perrier, Hardback, ISBN: 9780815392057.Kate Boyer reviews Maria Fannin and Maud Perrier’ book, Refiguring the Postmaternal: Feminist Responses to the Forgetting of Mother...
作者:Olivia Walsby
来源:[J].Insights, 2020, Vol.33 (1)Ubiquity Press
摘要:Reading lists are a fundamental part of any programme and it is essential that libraries and academic colleagues work in partnership to ensure that universities are able to provide students with ready access to key information resources. It is generally recognized that today...
作者:Andrew Bevan
来源:[J].Archaeology International, 2020, Vol.22 (1), pp.127-144Ubiquity Press
摘要:Keeping plants and animals beyond their natural shelf life is a central human challenge, both as a matter of immediate survival and for the social and economic opportunities that stored foods offer. Understanding different food storage and preservation strategies in the past is k...
作者:Jennifer French
来源:[J].Archaeology International, 2020, Vol.22 (1), pp.17-25Ubiquity Press
摘要:Several distinguished archaeologists who had close links to the Institute have died during the past year. Brief obituaries are given here and reference made to some of the obituaries available elsewhere.
作者:Anna Garnett
来源:[J].Archaeology International, 2020, Vol.22 (1), pp.66-71Ubiquity Press
摘要:Of the 80,600 objects in UCL’s Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, around 4000 are from Sudan.1 Flinders Petrie himself did not travel south of Aswan, and these items were acquired through different channels after his death. While many of these are on display in the Museu...
作者:Jonathan Gardner
来源:[J].Archaeology International, 2020, Vol.22 (1), pp.86-99Ubiquity Press
摘要:Investigating several modern ‘mega events’, including World’s Fairs and Olympic Games, this paper discusses the complex relationship such events and their sites have often had with ‘the future’. Such events are frequently associated with demonstrating progress towa...
作者:Colin Sterling
来源:[J].Archaeology International, 2020, Vol.22 (1), pp.100-113Ubiquity Press
摘要:This article investigates the critical potential of newly emerging approaches to heritage experience design. Moving away from a familiar critique of heritage experiences as inauthentic or overly commercial, I consider three aspects of the experiential that might (re)shape cr...


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