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作者:R. Mursid , Abdul Hasan Saragih , Naeklan Simbolon
来源:[J].Journal of Educational Research and Policies, 2020, Vol.2 (3)
摘要:This study aims to determine the learning outcomes of student learning design taught by using the online blended learning model with a computer blended learning model, knowing the learning outcomes of learning design of students who have high creative thinking ability compared to...
作者:Lishen Fu , Zuofeng Jiang , Shaofeng Nie
来源:[J].Journal of Social Science and Humanities, 2020, Vol.2 (3)
摘要:In view of the transformation demand of the information service mode of the University library, combined with the current intelligent technology, this paper puts forward a kind of intelligent library system. The new system only need a less storage space utilization to realiz...
作者:Luis Miguel Cardoso , Ana Bengala
来源:[J].Journal of Educational Research and Policies, 2020, Vol.2 (3)
摘要:Education and Comparative Literature always followed social changes. Society has been evolving and even Disney had the ability to follow it, always trying to meet the interests of target audience, the children. However, Disney began working with the role of the women and the...
作者:Poliana Lima Rocha , Carlos Alberto Araújo de Lima , Rachid Santos Maluf
来源:[J].Journal of Social Science and Humanities, 2020, Vol.2 (3)
摘要:The crisis in public transport, directly impacts urban mobility, a comparative study was proposed on these two themes with the capital of Maranhão and Madrid, Spanish capital. This work sought to obtain data from both cities regarding public transport - buses – analyzing the...
作者:Kaveh Rezvani Dehaghani , Ali Naderan , Kamran Rahimov
来源:[J].Journal of Social Science and Humanities, 2020, Vol.2 (3)
摘要:Wide range of short-term destructive events like hurricanes, floods, fogs, fatalities and accidents occur every day in transportation network and have negative effects on the network. The purpose of this study is to discuss such accidents and investigate the effects of them on th...
作者:Aayesha M. Shaikh , V.S. Shingate
来源:[J].Journal of Agriculture and Horticulture, 2020, Vol.2 (3)
摘要:Crop grow measurement technologies are important to increase the farm productivity to fulfil the increasing demand of food of growing population. Detection and measurement of fruit volume are useful for forecasting and harvesting applications. Some environmental challenges such a...
作者:Dr. Pooja S Chandarana , Dr.Vimal J Vyas
来源:[J].Journal of Contemporary Medical Practice, 2020, Vol.2 (2)
摘要:Study of changes in visual acuity and keratometric readings after pterygium excision surgery; Purpose: To study changes astigmatism after pterygium excision surgery.; Materials and Methods: A prospective intervational case study carried out on 50 patients having primary pter...
作者:Rahmat Hidayat , M. Zaim , Zul Amri
来源:[J].Journal of Educational Research and Policies, 2020, Vol.2 (3)
摘要:The purpose of this article is to describe the use of authentic materials by English teachers at grade 10th in the first year of the first semester. Commonly, materials given in teaching English in vocational high school don’t connected to the students’ majors, different wit...
作者:Wasis Pujiati , Yusnaini Siagian , Cynthia Hardivianty
来源:[J].Journal of Contemporary Medical Practice, 2020, Vol.2 (3)
摘要:Menstrual pain is pain that is felt in the pelvis, lower abdomen, lower back, severe lower abdominal cramps, pain that occurs before or during menstruation. This study used true experimental design, and pretest-post-test design with a simple random sampling technique. Treatment g...
作者:Hexia Liu , Yinuo Tao , Ziping Song
来源:[J].Journal of Social Science and Humanities, 2020, Vol.2 (3)
摘要:Since the reform and opening up, with the strong support of national policies, China's film and television industry has embarked on a high-speed development path. However, it has also been accompanied by tax evasion issues such as celebrity "astronomical compensation" and yin and...


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